Monday, 18 November 2013

Free Wi-Fi coming to Farnborough Town Centre

Coming to Farnborough soon

Your local Councillors are not only keen to personally keep in touch with residents using the latest cutting edge technology, but are please to support the introduction of free Wi-Fi in our town centre that will help residents stay in touch with us and each other.

This is being funded by our town centre partners and the council, and will hopefully be completed in time for Christmas. 

Working all year round for residents - not just election time.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Save the Tumble Down Dick Campaign - Invitation

Save the Tumble Down Dick - Cromwellian irony

No-one can deny the Campaign to "save" the Tumble Down Dick was run with enthusiasm and dedication, and dare I say obsession by some. When you need to get something done, having a few obsessive people about is not unhelpful.

Some serious fundraising was done to raise the £m plus needed to buy and run the Tumble Down Dick. Public appeals were made, gigs were organised, and I am sure lots of money has been raised as a consequence given the public support claimed by the campaign.

Given this money is public money, it only right and proper, that there should be open and transparent accountability of this money. Three questions need to be addressed:

1. How much money in total has been raised?
2. Who is responsible for this money?
3. What are the plans for the use of this money?

I would also like to extend a serious and genuine invitation to the Campaign leadership to work with the local authority to pool resources and find a suitable location in Farnborough for a live music venue.

Let us put the past behind us, and look together to the future

Friday, 8 November 2013

Runways End

RIBA regional award 2013

Runways End

I was really pleased to learn recently that Hampshire’s Property Services Department has been awarded two 2013 Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Awards for building design quality for Runways End Outdoor Activity Centre in Aldershot – the RIBA Regional Award 2013 and RIBA South East Sustainability Award. The RIBA Awards are given for buildings that have a high architectural quality and make a substantial contribution to the local environment.

Roadworks in Farnborough

Roadworks in Farnborough
As part of the programme of works being undertaken by Operation Resilience HCC will be undertaking kerb & footway repairs prior to carriageway resurfacing at the junction of Peabody & Lynchford Road. The works are programmed to start on 11 November 2013 and are expected to last for 2 days. In order to undertake the works safely the road will be closed one way to traffic turning into Peabody road from Lynchford Road between 9:00 and 16:30 hrs. A diversion route will be signposted to maintain resident’s access.

The carriageway resurfacing works are yet to be programmed and details will follow once a date has been agreed.

Information signs advising road users of the works will be erected before the start of works and a letter will be dropped to local residents.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Councillor Clifford is Innocent!!

BBC1’s Garrow’s Law: Tales from the Old Bailey. Garrow would have been on my side

Dear Cllr Clifford,

I understand that you may be already aware that complaints had been made, so I just want to confirm that I received five complaints from members of the public all expressing anger with the content of your blog posts relating to the Tumbledown Dick decision and one also alleged undue influence on the planning process itself.

In my capacity as Monitoring Officer I have looked into these complaints and have come to the conclusion that the content of your personal blog is not a matter covered by the Code of Conduct for Councillors which relates only to actions undertaken in a member’s official capacity as a councillor.

I have looked into the other matters raised and have concluded that there is nothing to suggest that you acted other than in accordance with recommended practice, and of course you are not a member of the Development Control Committee so took no part in the decision made. 

I have now informed the complainants that we will not be taking any further action in respect of these complaints.

Kind regards
Solicitor to the Council and Monitoring Officer