Sunday, 31 March 2013

New campaign group supporting a McDonald's at the Tumbledown Dick

Making a failed Pub family friendly?
As is often the case, we now have two campaigns on Facebook running with strong views about the Tumble Down Dick.

The anti McDonald Group - can be visited at:
Anti McDonald

The Pro McDonald Group - can be visited at:
Pro McDonald

Some see the choice between obese kids throwing litter on the streets or drunk youths vomiting on the streets. It will remain for the wise Councillors involved to reach a decision, which is inevitably going to upset one section at least in the community. I remain confident that our Planning Committee will fully explore the facts and reach the right decision.

What is the average resident view?

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Tumble Down Dick - latest. Building of Local Importance?

The Tumble Down Dick at Night - when it probably looks its best

Today I asked officers formally to ask cabinet to review whether the Tumble Down Dick should be included on the list of Buildings of Local Importance, that is maintained by Rushmoor. I learnt that a formal request had also just been received from a member of the public.

I am delighted that we can now debate whether the building deserves to be on the list as opposed to a huge variety of reasons as to why it was not included on the list.

Do you think the Tumble Down Dick is a building of local importance?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Plug for my mate Daniel

Daniel on form in Brussels

 Member of the European Parliament for South East England
Read Daniel in the Telegraph every day at

EURO-BULLETIN - 7 March 2013

Next week, MEPs will have to decide whether to accept David Cameron's budget cuts. Will they try to take the vote by secret ballot?

At home, the Eastleigh result raises the dreadful prospect of a Left-wing Euro-integrationist majority forming in Parliament on a small minority of the vote:

And - though Lefties hate to be reminded of the fact - it's worth recollecting the socialist roots of fascism:

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

More cuts in Rushmoor

Today got my best ever haircut according to pundits, thanks to the work of Lee 'Scissorhands' Clarke at Edwards Barber Shop on Firgrove Parade, Farnborough. 

Edwards Barber Shop link to Facebook page

Thank you Lee