Saturday, 28 November 2009

New and free local business network

Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group
A new free local business group has been established in the local area.

Members can only be people involved with an Aldershot or Farnborough business or organisations that offer special services to business – not individuals.

The Group is internet based and personal information is controlled by members.


1. Completely free – no cost at all.
2. Preserves personal privacy, members (if they wish) can only communicate via the system.
3. Promotes only ‘local’ based businesses.
4. Businesses can offer exclusive deals to other members of the group.
5. Free contacts for local professional business training and qualifications.
6. No need for ‘meetings’.
7. Free discussion page that members can use to promote and share information about local issues, special offers etc.
8. Fast way of keeping informed about important local events that effect business.
9. Links with the Borough and County Council.
10. Links with Business support organisations.

What you need to do if you are a local business:

1. Sign up free of charge with LinkedIn :
2. Search in the top tool bar for ‘groups’ and type in Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group. Or go to:
Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group
3. Apply to join.

Any questions please drop me an email. You can also find me on LinkedIn
Link to David

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My Mate Daniel Hannan MEP

The news in Brussels has been dominated by the appointment of Herman Van Rompuy as the EU’s president, and Baroness Ashton as his foreign minister. The whole thing was, of course, an affront to democracy: a lifelong quangocrat was appointed in secret to a post created by a treaty we were not allowed to vote on. I made this argument in the Telegraph ( as well as taking it to a different audience - and in different language - in the Guardian (

Meanwhile, the Left has continued its demented smear campaign against our allies in the European Conservatives and Reformists ( We should remember that, at a time when many of these critics were members of CND, our allies were leading the democratic revolutions whose twentieth anniversaries we are now celebrating (

I was chuffed to pick up two prizes: one from the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards (; and the other from the Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism (

Greece may become the first country to crash out of the euro:

Finally, if you haven’t seen it, you’ll enjoy this destructive take on Labour’s appalling party political broadcast:

Olympics and Aldershot - the facts

A copy of a brief sent to councillors from the Chief Executive of Rushmoor Borough Council:

Dear Councillors

There has been some speculation in the national press and a number of specialist magazines this week regarding the BOA's plans for their 2012 Training & Preparation Camp. This has now been picked up by the Aldershot News and is likely to appear in this week's edition.

The first important point to make is that the press speculation is incorrect. For example, in an article in the Daily Telegraph it was suggested that the BOA have "dumped" their plans for a training camp in Aldershot. This is simply not the case currently.

It is true that the BOA are facing some enormous challenges caused in part by the fact that funding is now allocated direct by UK Sports to the individual elite sports and not via the BOA which means that the BOA have less direct control as the individual sports can choose their own training venues. As a result, some are choosing to stay at their current UK high-performance centres or are choosing to go abroad away from the media glare and potential distractions.

This is not in any way a reflection on Aldershot which was chosen in preference to other prestigious venues due to its quality facilities and the professional support services available.

We were aware during the bid that a number of Olympic sports would remain in their current centres - the best examples being cycling at the Manchester Veladrome, sailing in Portland, rowing at Eton Dorney and swimming at Loughborough. There has also been a great deal of publicity over the past months about the track and field sports' decision to go abroad.

The BOA is currently reviewing its options and, as I have already stated, have not yet made a decision and Aldershot still features in their considerations.

The Army, ASPIRE and ourselves, have made clear that we remain committed to our original bid and are keen to continue working with the BOA and further meetings are being arranged in the near future.

While it is clearly disappointing and there is some uncertainty, the fact that Aldershot was chosen as the preferred Team GB Preparation Camp in February last year resulted in extensive media coverage which has considerably enhanced the image of the area.

This success has enabled us to attract over £1000,000 to support the Be The Best Programme at both Cove and Connaught Schools with Olympic gold medallist Darren Campbell meeting the pupils last month.

We have also received £6M to develop the Runways End Youth Adventure Centre, which reflects in part its proximity to the Army Centre of Sporting Excellence and potential BOA Training Camp.

The Garrison has subsequently hosted the Olympic boxing team and triathlon squads, and pupils from Samuel Cody Special Needs School were guests at a reception held at Wentworth for the South East medallists from the Beijing Olympics.

The improvements to the sports facilities at the Garrison are still on schedule including a new athletics surface, third synthetic hockey pitch and a new boxing and martial arts centre.

We are also working with the County to make the most of the Cultural Olympiad which, along with all the above initiatives, will ensure a lasting legacy for our residents.

I will ensure that you are kept fully informed of developments as the story continues to unfold.

Andrew Lloyd

My Selection tonight

Tonight is my selection interview so wish me luck.
Sitting Councillors quite rightly have to be reselected every term (4 years) in contrast to MP's who do not have the same rigorous examination and keep going until they decide to retire or get deselected.
My CV has been handed in updated and polished, and I have been summoned to the place of execution at 8.15pm. I do not know how many others are applying for the seat, and will be advised of the outcome by phone after the meeting. I am looking forward to the meeting and really enjoy getting feedback and questions that will indicate how the Branch think I am doing, and will give me a steer as to issues I need to address. The Association Chairman for the area will be there along with the Council's Conservative Group Leader who will tell the selection panel how I have performed at the Council level.
I would love David Cameron to come down to the constituency every four years and do that for our MP. I appreciate that is not too practical, but an annual school report would be nice!!
I will let you all know how it goes.....

Monday, 16 November 2009

Council refuse TAG extra flying application

The meeting was attended by over 170 residents and, as well as being webcast by the Council, we also had camera crews from BBC South and Meridian. The overall tone and atmosphere within the room was pleasant and well-mannered. Keith Holland had prepared an excellent report which he presented an an extremely succinct and professional way, interestingly, he wasn't interrupted by the public at any time and they appeared to hang on his every word.

The public speaking had been agreed previously by the committee and 12 people were invited to speak against the application and 4 in favour, including TAG. I have to give credit to all the public speakers for the quality of their presentations which clearly had an impact on the Committee.

It was a challenging and in many ways difficult evening for committee members but I was impressed by their approach.

The final vote was 7 against, 1 in favour and the remainder abstained. The reasons for refusal were broadly based around the belief that the proposed increase in movements would result in an adverse impact on the amenities of the surrounding residential property, particularly with regard to noise disturbance, odour problems, and the greater risk from more movements.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My MEP mate Daniel Hannan

In all the noise and fuss of the past 48 hours, I don't think there has been much consultation of people outside Westminster. I very much value your views on what Conservative policy towards the EU ought to be. Perhaps you would be kind enough to take a few minutes to reply to the seven questions below. The answers will be compiled anonymously, and I'll give you the overall figures in a future email.

Incidentally, you might be interested in my blog on the following subjects:

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Read Daniel's online column every day at